Tort Media’s marketing efforts use national television, internet, and print along with other forms of media to help deliver qualified intakes to participating law firms. People contact us looking for information about different drug and medical device litigation. We take the “raw leads” and authenticate these contacts to verify the pertinent information based on the particular campaign. After the information is verified, we then transfer this intake and the authenticated information to our partnering law firms. We can either transfer a caller directly to the law firm’s intake staff, or we can email the information with a set call-back time for the firm to respond to the potential claimant. We ask all intakes if they have talked to a law firm or are ready to talk to a law firm to assure the intake was not already denied legal representation. For a list of our current opportunities, contact us by email.

  • Live transferred verified intakes
  • Email real time transferred intakes
  • 72 review /replace policy
  • Everything done ethically US based
  • No Spam tactics
  • Test buy for new law firm or campaign

Let Tort Media help you on your next Mass Tort campaign and delivery your firm new clients without the guess work.